Regarding Anthropometry and Ergonomics

AutoCAD and Inventor are the two software packages I use the most when designing and engineering my concepts. Before spending large amounts of time creating a design… it’s important to ensure you have accurate and reliable measurements to ensure the end result is practical and functional.  This is most important when considering the relationship between the vehicle and it’s driver. Ensuring the driver fits in the car, is comfortable and safe, and can see the road or reach controls is vital. 

The type of vehicles I design incorporate the driver as distributed weight and that winds up affecting the balance and handling of the car. My vision of efficiency demands that any space on the vehicle is occupied for a reason, and the packaging is as tight as possible. Therefore… I literally design my cars around the driver. The driver model is the first thing to be placed in a new drawing, and that model dictates the shape of the car around it.

The driver model I have come up with is quite impressive to say the least. It incorporates anthropometric data to ensure that each limb and joint resembles true to life dimensions and proportions. Using an excel spreadsheet, I can input the total height of the driver, and it will adjust my model to reflect a typical human figure of that height. Each joint on the body is a pivot point… and the ‘spine’ is even segmented to allow for spinal curvature in a layback style seating position. Ultimately what this means in simple terms is I can come up with a concept, and test to ensure that a person will actually fit in it and be comfortable. It helps me figure out exactly where the steering wheel should be located or where the pedals should be mounted. It helps me use the space around the driver to it’s full potential and keeps things as tidy as possible. I am not a fan of wasted space. Suburbans have a lot of wasted space. Formula 1 cars have just about zero wasted space. My designs will be closer to an F1 car than a Suburban.

As Colin Chapman once said:

“Simplify, then add lightness.”

Driver Model


~ by ddmotorsports on June 19, 2012.

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