Flying Solo

Last weekend I got a chance to check out K1 Speed which just opened a location in Austin. K1 offers indoor electric kart racing… and it is quite a riot. The karts are plenty powerful at 20 hp… and have a fair amount of torque. Having said that, the only way to really break the rubber loose is by applying the brakes in a turn. They have tons of grip, so you can really carry some speed through the turns. It is a good option for those who can’t afford a shifter kart but still want a good racing experience. I highly recommend you check it out if you live around Austin (or any of their other locations throughout the states).

Lately I have been working on a project that I started about a year ago. I can confirm that it is a new design for a road vehicle… but with a twist. The inspiration came while traveling down Mo-Pac (Loop 1) in Austin during rush hour traffic and noticing all the people flying solo in their giant seven seat land yachts. I compared this with the folks flying solo on their bikes and wondered why so many people choose to go with a large vehicle. I can understand seating for the family, or delivery tucks and transport… but I know a fair portion of these people are single. There are at least 3 different individuals who live on my block alone who have no kids… and roll a Suburban to work everyday. Why? There must be a better way. If you need a truck every now and then… you can rent it at Home Depot for 30 bucks a day. Surely the fuel savings would make it worth it.

I get criticized from time to time about driving a Miata and how it is ‘impractical’ in a way because I can only ever carry at most two people (including myself). But to tell you the honest truth… I don’t even need that. If I could I would have a one seat vehicle… but I don’t fancy a motorcycle. I like four wheels and the safety of a crash structure around me.

So I decided to design a one seater. Something that would be comfortable, safe, efficient, practical for a solo daily driver, and above all else… fast as hell. The goal would be to offer this vehicle in the low to mid $20,000.00 range. It would strike an uncompromising balance between road practicality and track fury. It would be customizable and well packaged. It would be the perfect vehicle.

I don’t understand why such a concept has not become more mainstream. I have a couple of theories for this… and the one that makes the most sense at the moment is that the technology was not cheap enough yet to accomplish it.

In any case… I am looking to create a product to launch Dale Daugherty Motors with. Something that will be a big hit, and offer a fresh look on the world of performance automobiles. I have just the thing in mind… and the development begins this year.

Stay tuned…


~ by ddmotorsports on May 23, 2012.

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