Engine Rebuild De-breif

It has been a little over a week since I completed the engine rebuild project. The car is running strong and smooth. It is a blast to have her kicking again. I decided today I would go through the last two months worth of transaction history and compile the costs of doing this project. I started with an original budget of $2,500.00. Below is my report card:

Cost of parts: $2,200.77

Cost of tools: $336.31

Cost of supplies (cleaning, etc.): $214.80

Grand Total: $2,751.88

So I broke my budget by $251.00. Roughly the cost of the supplies that you can’t really account for before you start tearing things apart. The cost vs. satisfaction ratio for me is excellent.

It should be noted that this engine rebuild included a new clutch and lightweight flywheel… as well as a new exhaust. So a few upgrades were installed during this project. It is also worthwhile to mention that a few shops in Austin quoted me between 2,500 and 3,000 to rebuild the engine. This would have been a bone stock rebuild with no modifications. Considering that I now made a one time investment in tools, installed some upgrades, and learned valuable skills… I think I came out on top with this.

It was a wise decision.

The process took a total of two months from start to finish. There were 3 orders to Flyin’ Miata, 6 trips to Advance Auto, 3 trips to Auto Zone, 3 trips to Lowes, 2 trips to Sears, Harbor Freight, and Home Depot, 1 trip to NAPA,  1 trip to Mazda South, 1 trip to Walgreens, 1 trip to Precision Engine, and 1 order from Rosenthal Mazda.

I now also own the Factory Service Manual which enables me to literally tear the car apart and put it back together. I have all the resources to diagnose my own problems and solve them.

It took me four months to plan this, and two months to execute it. Which means for the last half a year I have been contemplating daily the process of rebuilding an engine. Should you ever read my blog and decide to follow in my footsteps… you need to be aware that it will require large amounts of organization, concentration, and dedication (O.C.D.). Some may find it more worthwhile to pay someone the money to do this for them. For me it was not. I enjoyed every minute of this project… and would do it again. You may not feel the same way.

You have been warned.


~ by ddmotorsports on May 4, 2012.

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