A Minor Snag (literally)

Grrrrr. I suppose since everything was going so smoothly… a wrench had to be thrown into the spokes at some point to try my patience. I somehow managed to flub the instalation of both the rear main seal… and the front crank seal. This prompted a couple of choice words and the shaking of my fist at the sky. I even had this beautiful rear main seal installer from Flyin’ Miata to do the job properly. I must say it worked flawlessly. It drove the seal in perfectly even, albeit backwards.

The front seal was installed with proper orientation (I instantly realized my error as soon as I passed the point of no return on the rear)… but since I installed the seal into the oil pump before installing the oil pump on the crank (as instructed in the factory service manual) I managed to snag the inner lip back on the crank nose. 

It is a simple fix… but still utterly frustrating. To those of you not aware… a main or front seal is not something that can be removed and repositioned. Once they are in they don’t come back out without physically damaging the seal.

Now for a success story:

I rebuilt the oil pump before these seals stole my sanity. It was either that… or buy a new one for $270. Since the factory service manual provides instruction for rebuild as well as tolerances to measure the gear clearances… I decided a rebuild would be the best route. It is actually very straightforward.

I also assembled the pistons, rods, and pins… but those will not go in until tomorrow night. Tonight is going to be spent setting the proper gaps on the piston rings, and going to the parts store to get replacement seals. Grrrr.


~ by ddmotorsports on April 18, 2012.

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