Crank It Up!

Pardon the cheesy title, but this post is about crankshaft installation.

The build has begun!! I installed the main bearings and crankshaft last night with much success. Luckily since I was using stock specifications on everything… the measurements were dead on. Nothing on the bottom end of the block required machining, so it was simply a matter of cleaning the saddles and popping in the new bearing shells. I used some simple plastiguage to confirm that the oil clearances were still in spec, and some feeler gauges to check endplay.  Tonight I will assemble and install the oil pump, and assemble the rods/pistons. I am taking a LOT of pictures along the way… and will be writing a full ‘how to’ guide on rebuilding a 1.8L Miata Engine soon. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words… so I will save myself some writing here and get to the good stuff…


~ by ddmotorsports on April 17, 2012.

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