Parts Cleaning

I am going to go ahead and say… cleaning pistons is not fun. It is meticulous work, but it is important work. Not cleaning the carbon off of your pistons and scraping the gunk out of the ring seats can mean the difference between burning oil and cursing, or high compression joy and grinning. I don’t have a special tool to clean ring seats, so the end of an old piston ring will work nicely… and it is a perfect fit! The important thing about cleaning pistons is to avoid using anything that will scratch or damage the top surface of the piston. If you must use something abrasive… use a scotch brite pad or a copper scrub pad for stubborn stuff. The best cleaner by far is carburettor cleaner. It will eat through the carbon buildup in a hurry… and the scotch brite pad will be a major help. After you have a pretty clean piston… take a fresh scotch brite pad and scub the piston under hot soapy water. be sure to rinse everything off completely, and then use a air compressor to blast the water out of the oil passages, etc.

Here are the results:



~ by ddmotorsports on April 1, 2012.

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