Rebuild Update

It will be next week before any progress gets made on the engine rebuild. The block and head went to the machine shop on Tuesday. The owner, Dennis, confirmed that the engine was in excellent shape. It will be very basic work: A rebuild on the head, clean the block, lightly hone/plateau the bores, and polish the crank journals. No material is getting removed, so I will be able to use stock bearings and rings. The price was quite attractive as well.

While I am eager to keep up the forward progress… I will be celbrating having nothing to do for the next few evenings. I did take pleasure in ordering some new goodies that should arrive in time for the re-assembly.

>Flyin’ Miata Level 1 Clutch

>Flyin’ Miata 10.3 lb. Flywheel (stock is 20lbs)

>Flyin’ Miata Resonated Midpipe & Catalytic Converter

>Flyin’ Miata Tool Kit (timing belt ninja tool, crank bolt removal tool, main and front seal installers)

>Stainless Steel Clutch Line

>Other assorted goodies like a new water pump, cooling hoses, motor mounts, fuel filter, etc…

The car should be well under way after April 24th. There are future improvements down the road… but the savings account needs time to recover before the next assault.

Since I do not have any engine pictures to share… here are some pictures of my Hot Wheels collection:


~ by ddmotorsports on March 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Rebuild Update”

  1. Sounding like this is going to be fun Miata, your gonna have to give me a ride in it some time. BTW dig the HW collection, and if your really into Ford GT’s I got a 1/12 scale model you might be interested in.

    • Indeed! I can arrange that ride! I think I have seen that model you speak of. It was terribly awesome. I think the panels opened up, correct? I have seven Ford GT hot wheels. Three of them are the same car… just different paint. I need to make a list of what I have so far.

      • You would be correct, and it’s bright red! your more than welcome to have it as it’s just sitting in a box right now.

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