Miata Gauge Faces pt. 1

It’s a bit past my bedtime on Saturday night… but it’s a three day weekend!

I recently found inspiration to make my own gauge faces from http://revlimiter.net/ . This is guy is pretty brilliant, and developed a process for creating custom faces by laminating 3 layers of printed material together. The idea is simple:  The top layer is printed on clear plastic, and it’s the part that you see during the day. The second layer is a paper ‘masking’ layer that is blacked out where you don’t want the light to shine through the first layer. The final layer is also printed on clear plastic and detirmines the color of the light that shines through the numbers at night.

I decided I wanted to keep my design as minimalist as possible for a nice clean look. The Enzo Ferrari has gorgeous gauges… so I drew inspiration from them.  It is also worth noting that the stock Miata tach and speedo resting needle position is around the eight o’clock position. I want mine to be at six o’clock so the needles hang straight down when the car is at rest. 

Below is an early version of my tachometer design. The speedometer will come soon… and I have a few ideas for relocating the check engine light.

Miata Tach


~ by ddmotorsports on February 19, 2012.

One Response to “Miata Gauge Faces pt. 1”

  1. Very nicely done… 🙂

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