Engine Troubles and Triumph

This week has been most excellent. The weather is cool in Austin, I continue to lose weight, the job market is looking slightly better, and most importantly… Formula 1 has begun testing in Jerez.

I have been slightly irritated by this new regulation change from the FIA that mandates ‘lower noses’ on the 2012 F1’s. It has yeilded some downright hideous cars… that look more akin to a platypus than a racing car. However… McLaren has dropped a seriously gorgeous car on us for this season. Time will tell if there is any advantage to be gained from these stepped noses on the rest of the cars… and I will be curious to see what Mercedes rolls out. But it is clear that the new McLaren MP4-27 is breaking the mould and taking a different path than all. Just 284 days remain until the USGP in Austin.  I can hardly wait.

This weekend I decided I was sick of topping off the coolant in the Miata everytime I go somewhere. The plastic end tanks on the radiator are prone to leaking. So I finally replaced the radiator and in the process figured it would be wise to replace the thermostat as well. Of course, as I was putting everything back together i managed to break the thermostat housing… which is not carried by your local auto parts store. I managed to find one at a junkyard though… so everything is now right again.

Before I sign off… I thought I would share a couple of projects I have been working on.

This is a small two seater concept in a mid-engine, RWD layout. The seating position is as far back as possible to make plenty of room for power under the hood.DDM FIREFLY

This is an attempt at engine design. I wanted to take on a drawing that would be a bit more complicated… so I figured I would try to design an engine.


Work continues on my “super top-secret” project to design the “Most Awesome Car in the World”. Unfortunately I don’t have any plans to share it until physical development begins on the actual prototype.



~ by ddmotorsports on February 8, 2012.

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