Painted Mirrors/ Spoiler

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The factory side mirrors and rear spoiler on the Miata were getting a little weathered, and showing signs of missing clearcoat, so I painted the matte black. I considered Plastidip, but this was never meant to be a temporary fix, so paint it is. I like the mirrors, but I am not totally sold on the black spoiler, so it might get changed back to Sunlight Silver when I finally get around to color-matching my hard top.

The good news is that the paint actually came out looking pretty nice, if I do say so myself:


Fraction to Decimal Ruler – Inch

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I’ve been spending some time designing some furniture, and I created a handy fraction to decimal conversion chart in ruler format. It is divided down to 1/64″, and the decimal precision varies depending on the division. By doing this, nothing is rounded. The format also highlights more often used divisions of 1/16″. Feel free to download a copy:

Fraction to Decimal – Inch

Brief Update

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You have not heard much from me lately, because I have too much going on!

Formula One is back! My life makes sense.

Work continues on the Miata; the AC now works again, just in time for spring summer in Austin.

I recently rebuilt the rear end on the shifter kart, and came across a cracked axle bearing! Yikes! Glad I noticed before it caused a major (safety) issue.


More Miata updates

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So, over the last few months I have completed the following work on the Miata:

-Added a Hardtop
-Installed KYB adjustables
-Replaced interior dash lights (gauges and HVAC panel)
-Rebuilt/painted OEM calipers
-Installed stainless braided lines
-Repaired an emergency brake cable that Jiffy Lube broke during state mandated inspection
-Painted OEM 15″ wheels to look similar to old-school American Racing magnesium rims (w/polished lip)
-New tires
-Replaced broken D/S taillight
-Modified rear sidemarkers to illuminate
-Opened headlights and painted chrome housings flat black
-Had Mazda replace the PCM per recall with a re-programmed one to cure my CEL related to the known VVT issue.

Here are pretty pictures:



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I have owned my ’01 Mazda Miata for about seven years now. She is now approaching 150’000 miles, so I figured it was time to take care of some things that have been causing me headaches lately.

First up? A recurring CEL that has been making it a real PITA to get inspected. The issue is related to the VVT system found on the ’01+ 1.8L engine, which causes the  Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to signal a P0012 “CMP Timing Over-Retarded” error. I have actually been dealing with this for a few years. It got to the point where it was predictable. Any time I drove at low speed and low RPM it would come on.  I had some luck with the “go-to” fix of running a lighter weight oil for a while, but unfortunately this last year it has become a persistent issue. I noticed that Mazda issued a TSB for this very issue, and it required a dealership to replace the PCM with a reprogrammed one. So, I stopped by the dealership to see if they would be able to take care of it despite being a good eight years since the recall. I was suprised with great news: Mazda was going to replace the unit for free! This was a massive win, considering the cost of a replacement unit and the immobilizer programming that goes with it. Two weeks later, and the code has not returned.

My next issue was the soft top, which had seen better days and was beginning to leak. Since a soft top does not insulate well, the car is hot in the summer, cold in the winter and noisy all the time. It is nice to randomly put the top down from time to time, but since mine was so old and brittle I have not even been risking it.

So I got a hard top! All problems solved. Since my old soft top was a worthless pile of garbage I figured I would remove it altogether. Some people like to keep it in even if they have the hard top, but I like the idea of keeping the car light. If anyone wants the frame for a soft top, let me know. I took a moment to clean up the weather stripping with some Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber Protectant while everything was easy to get at. I will eventually paint the hard top to match the car, and tint the rear glass.  So far the top has been a major improvement.

Every now and then, the rear of the car behaves enthusiastically in the rain. As a result of unexpected wags of the tail, my wheels have taken a few beatings. This means that one wheel in particular refuses to properly balance when getting tires mounted. It also means that the poor wheel bearing it is attached to hates its life. I scored a replacement set of stock 15″ wheels on Craigslist, and decided to make them awesome. My dad suggested that I make them look like the old American Racing wheels, and I was inclined to agree. I will eventually post a full write-up in the forum to share my process. They still need a coat of clear, but at this point I think they look pretty great!

The bulbs in my instrument cluster have slowly been going out one by one, and so I finally tackled that issue this weekend. I bought the replacement bulbs from the Rosenthal Mazda site, as well as a new shift boot, parking brake cover, license plate lamps, and caliper rebuild kits for when I tackle the brakes next weekend. There is already quite a bit of information out there regarding removing the instrument cluster and replacing the bulbs; however, there is not a lot of information regarding the HVAC panel lighting, so I was flying blind when I took that puppy out. It was a trick, but I will post a write-up on that soon too. Some say you can get at the lights in that panel from the top by just taking the radio out. These people clearly are magicians with impressive capabilities. I was disappointed to find out the lights in the HVAC panel were not your typical 194 bulbs, so I would unfortunately not be able to take care of them just yet. I moved on to the instrument cluster and was surprised to find out Mazda included bulbs for ABS and overdrive indicators. Since I have neither of these options, it meant I would be able to use them in the HVAC panel! I now have a fully functioning dash (minus the odometer which mysteriously decided to stop working). I also finally got around to properly installing my Pioneer head unit with a trim kit, and replaced the festoon light with a nice LED bulb.


I still have a lot of work to do on the car, so I will be posting as I go along. I’ll also be writing a few how-to guides in the forums soon.

2014 Lone Star LeMans

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The 2014 Lone Star LeMans at the Circuit of The Americas was an event to remember! The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) brought three series to compete for the weekend: the Porsche GT3 Cup, the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, and the newly-formed Tudor United SportsCar Championship (USCC). The USCC – which ran a 2.75 hour race on Saturday afternoon – was formed by merging the NASCAR Grand-Am Rolex  Sports Car Series and the American LeMans Series.

The main event was the fourth round of the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship, the 6 Hours of Circuit of The Americas. The race got underway at 5 PM CST and finished under lights and stars. As usual, I took a camera and lots of photos:

First Track Days at Hill Country Kart Club

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I recently became a member at Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, which is a great facility for getting seat time at a great price. I took the kart out for the first time on May 3rd to get a feel for what I would be in for; this was my first time driving a shifter kart and it was intense. The power and acceleration alone is enough to spike your adrenaline, and the cornering speeds are enough to crack ribs if you do not have a proper fitting seat. It was already aware that I did not have a proper fitting seat, so I took it somewhat easy this time around. My friend Robert came out to assist me throughout the day, and snap some photos and video when I was on track.

I had a few issues  come up, with the biggest being my motor mount coming loose. This caused the entire engine to be pulled backwards under load, and this in turn pulled my throttle open. It’s an unsettling feeling to not be in control of your throttle anymore! It was also quite hot, so I got pretty fatigued early on. The adrenaline deceives you and makes you push harder than you probably should. It’s not until you come to a stop that you notice how thoroughly worn out you are. I accomplished maybe 25 laps for the day before packing up and heading back to Austin.




A few weeks later I took the kart to Texas Karts in San Antonio and installed a seat that fits me like a glove. I fixed the motor mount issue, cleaned everything up, and bought some brackets to mount my fuel pump and ignition control to the engine instead of my new seat. I also got a rolling box to transport my tools and spare parts, and an EZ-Up canopy for the pit space.

I took the kart out for the second time on July 6th, and stayed much longer this time. The new seat gave me the confidence to push harder, and I made some big improvements with my shifting. The EZ-Up tent was also a major win, considering it was in the mid 90’s by noon. I paid attention to the engine temp this time, and added some duct tape to the radiator to keep the coolant at the right temperature. If the engine is not running hot enough it affects the tuning, and my oversize radiator is actually overkill even the Texas heat (I wound up restricting the airflow by about 50%).  I also set the brake bias more rearward, to reduce some of the bite under hard braking. As I build more confidence under braking, I will begin to bring this balance back towards the front.

I think I probably did close to 50 laps this time around, and even had a chance to share the track with another stock Honda shifter kart. My fastest time of the day was 41.71 seconds, which shows an improvement of about two seconds over my last outing. Based on some of the times I have seen from the other drivers, I have about 6 seconds to find before I would be very competitive in a race. Still, I am pretty happy with these times considering I am very much a rookie.



I have a long way to go in a short amount of time. Once the weather begins to cool, I will be spending far more time on the track. I also think I will be ready for racing after a few more practice days. The goal is to race a full season in the club races at HCKC next year, and perhaps a few of the closer rounds of the Superkarts USA (SKUSA) Texas Pro Kart Challenge. By 2016 I would like to compete in a full season at the Regional Level, and attend the SKUSA Super Nationals. Ultimately, I want to be competitive enough to find some sponsorship, and just keep pushing towards the front of the pack.